Recycled Sewerage to drink - growth demands a different solution !

The heroin addict is so desperate to get a fix that responsible or even rational behaviour is forgotten. Only the presence of the drug can restore their sense of normality.

The growth addicts are the same. The trouble is that they are so numerous - possibly a majority of Australians. "Without continued growth, the world will fall apart !" "Growth = development = progress = ?"
The toxic effects of growth addiction take many forms. In Toowoomba, it is the desperate proposal to use recycled sewerage for drinking water. In Canberra, another desperate proposal is being developed to feed insatiable growth with irresponsible development of nuclear energy. In most local communities, there are a myriad of smaller issues where we are being given the same message - "There is no other way !" "Future development requires our sacrifice now !"
Ask yourself, why is it that so many modern "developments" are reluctantly accepted in "this day and age" rather than welcomed and celebrated. The reason is that most "development" is not progress at all. It is the addict's reluctant stooping - giving up that last assett to "feed the habit".
Toowoomba may accept the need to drink their own refined sewerage. We all should ask ourselves - what's the next sacrifice to the growth addiction

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