The Purpose of Schools

Dear Principal,

As your minister, I can no longer tolerate your abuse of school suspension and expulsion powers.

You may bleat about school autonomy, supporting community values, principals as key leaders, education the highest priority, etc.. I know the stuff... I wrote it !

Unfortunately, many of you have not got the message that your prime role is to ensure that schools contain as many children as they can, for as long as possible, at the cheapest cost.

Problem students and parents needs to be appeased with all the resources at your disposal.
If they remain a problem, you can be sure that the cause will be found to be your failure to follow one of the thousands of policy and regulatory steps that I have written to protect myself from responsibility.

Successful students and parents are just that - successful.  What more can they expect from the school?   Don't waste your resources on them.

Education Minister.

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