"Growth" and "Develpment" - the twin evils

The "inconvenient solution' to the planetary problems that beset us is of course "sustainability".

The planetary problem lies in the cross-cultural pervasiveness of the deadly enemies of sustainability - "growth" and "development".
Unfortunately, the "haves" in all human societies preserve their position only by encouraging the "have nots" to fantasise that they will benefit eventually from growth and development. The aspirations of the common people in China and India are likely to accelerate this planetary destruction. The "developed" world is still in denial thinking of more and more irresponsible ways to achieve the ludicrous goal of "sustainable growth".
Politicians get ever more strident as they want you to accept props to the continued insanity of growth such as nuclear power, recycled water, ever higher density housing, These "developments" are far more like a desperate fix for a addiction, than ecologically desirable and sustainable improvements for the planet.

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