Death - Is it sad ?

Death can never be sad for the deceased as they do not exist.
The sadness in death comes from:
  • the time leading to the event (is the person in pain ? Is their consciousness dominated by the awareness of death over seconds, hours... years ?) and
  • the responses of other people starting with the innermost "circle of concern" and radiating outward depending on their fame/ infamy etc.
In relation to the death of the lawyer, Peter Hayes, I think that the evidence supports a pleasurable death in that he probably "came" a few times and then passed out, never to regain consciousness.
The sadness is therefore limited to immediate family and friends who selfishly (selfishness is a virtue when it is not dependent on depriving others) wanted the pleasure of his company for an indefinite future.
The loss to the community is more moot .... after all, we are always in need of more lawyers ?

Stephen Digby

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