We have a responsibility to maintain the differentiation between school and an entertainment venue.
School attendance is imposed on students and parents by the state (I wish it wasn't) for a limited and specific purpose of changing students (even if they don't want to) in ways that benefit them and prepare them to contribute to the success of the state.
Entertainments are personal & optional activities with no necessary net benefit to either the individual of the state (i.e. they can be bad for everyone e.g., binge drinking, or good for everyone e.g. opera, or anything in between e.g. most computer games) As our society is going through a phase of increasing diversity (or fragmentation), "core values" are increasingly hard to find in schools or out of them.
In this haze, the danger is that anything that keeps the little blighters entertained can pass as education.
The perception that a school needs to offer "edutainment" to keep students from revolt is one reason parents cite in choosing a different school or school system).
Keep the focus on education.
Get students to list all the things that they find most boring and you will get a significant correlation with a list of civilisations greatest achievements.

Stephen Digby

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