Henny Penny says that "Sandy" proves Climate Change.


Almost any "weather event" these days is hijacked as evidence of "global warming" by henny penny environmentalists..... Or the more flexible "climate change".

The extension of the built environment into every corner of the planet by hordes of humans makes almost any weather event a threat to someone.

"Climate change" has always been a global constant. The issue is not climate change but cost benefit analysis of climate proofing needed as we pack every inch of the planet with more people vs hugely expensive easily corrupted money games like emission trading or carbon pricing.

It requires lots of data to create information. With a system as immensely complex as climate, the results even then are at probability levels well below the level required for scientific working hypotheses.

Thus the use of a datum as proof of a climate trend is prima facie absurd.

The fact that supposedly reputable scientists and organisations get into this political game merely cheapens the debate and has done significant damage to the reputation of the whole "environmental science" community.

The "environmental science" community has been corrupted by climate funding in away directly analagous and far more serious than the proven corruption of many pharacology labs by the drug manufacturing industry.

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