Kolkata: A capsule of western reassurance

I deliberately chose Hotel Kempton for its unapologetic attempt at offering first world amenity in walking distance of Kolkata's best sites.

The staff were awake and attentive at 1am and we were pleased to find a sanctuary from which to rest and ready for Kolkata explorations.  Yeah, well, almost. The sheets had rather disturbing and strategically located stains, so we asked for a fresh lot of linen which was quickly provided without complaint. On the new linen the stains were much fainter and not so confrontingly located.....

A good nights sleep ensued until the morning light, noises from the suckling dog litter next door and incessant car horns raised my interest.  My wife's dedication to sleep is far deeper.

The contrast of our room and the life waking outside was dramatic and fascinatingly illustrated in our view.

I wonder if the shaky bamboo scaffolding tied with hemp rope reaching up to our 4th storey is for cleaning our windows?!

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