Kolkata Taxi

Kolkata hit us with a jolt as the police regulated pre-paid taxi system allocated us a driver.  His smile was charming but his driving took years off libby's life as passed on either side of anything from heavy trucks to goats, and maintained an amused disregard for contraints like red lights or one way streets. Google has to take some responsibility for the one way streets because it guided us through Kolkata to our hotel. Our driver smiled constantly, spoke fluently and fast - but just not in English. He was equally amused at the irrelevance of our hotel address as he was at any form of car repairs.  

Thank Apple for the geolocation built into iPads and the offline map caching built into Google maps app, or we would still be smiling and laughing.... and driving around Kolkata....

As we arrived at our security gated hotel in the midst of squalour, we snapped a pic and gave him Rp100 (AU$1.40) at which there was a definite widening of the eyes...

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