Tennis gets a beat up from a yellowing press....

The sky is falling !!!
Surprise. Surprise. Every human activity has dirty players. That's why there is a Tennis Integrity Unit that has in the last 2 years "resulted in seven players and one official being banned for between six months and a lifetime."
Can they do better ? Of course.
 Is this a bid for more funding ? Probably.
 Are there bent players at the Open ? Of course!
Is this a beat up ? Yes.

As journalists sink into the sea of bloggers, they are desperate to get stories out with maximum impact and minimum time and so increasingly resort to yellow journalism  – i.e. exaggerations of news events, scandal-mongering, or sensationalism.

Many seemingly educated people mistakenly assume that the news sources they have used for decades still base their work on research, balance and completeness.

In a world of increased availability of information, it is increasingly important to search out original sources and missing facts.

Interesting Followup story.....

Few people have watched this year’s Australian Open as closely as Adam Bjorn, the Australian professional…

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