No matter what a person does, it's society that is to blame.

The news report, Disabled student takes state to court (31/12/2008) seems to be little more than a press release in direct support of complainants in a court case. The reporters make a lazy attempt at balance by declaring that the government told them it was "inappropriate to comment". Half a thought would have revealed that government officials would be completely hamstrung by the draconian privacy laws. Government officials might also have more sense of balance that those with material interest in obtaining a punitive payment i.e. the lawyers and the mother. In today's news cycle, it was probably far to hard for the reporters to collect "off the record" responses from school staff, other parents or students regarding what it was like to share a classroom or a bus with this student. Alex's swears in ways that could be "misconstrued" as bullying or controlling behaviour. How bad does this have to be before one is refused bus transport ! Make me wonder what it was like for the others. Who cares about the community when an individual's rights are threatened ? Not reporters at The Age it seems.

Stephen Digby

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