Camberwell Station High Rise - Here we go again !

"All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing"

Camberwell Station - Community Plan vs Goverment Plan from Marvellous Melbourne on Vimeo.
Since the 1970's the Camberwell and Boroondara community has been trying to gain some democratic control over the place where they live.  Believing in peaceful democratic processes, despite so much evidence to the contrary, the community has communicated forcefully and repeatedly that it does not want the Camberwell community transformed from a leafy low density residential areas to a high density dormitory.
The government motivation for repeatedly attempting to override the community are clear:
Demonstrate that communities around the state are powerless to control their destiny and should be content to limit their decisions to selecting the colour of rubbish bins.
Enrich speculators on the proviso that they pack in more people in spots where the government has little support to lose.
Build to the skyline in communities that are affluent enough to pay for the infrastructure flow on that this population influx will cause (who do you think will be paying for the upgrade of the 100 year old sewerage system now that it has maxed out !).

Stephen Digby

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