Water: Where is the data !

Our politicians and the organisations that are beholden to them publish millions of dollars worth of slick propaganda promoting personal political careers and selected actions.
The community is rarely provided with clear access to the key facts that inform the consideration of public policy options.

For instance, the following key data is not published on any Victorian Government or Water Authority website or publication.

Why ??????

What amount of water is reticulated in Victoria ? What is it used for ? How has the usage changed over the years ?

(See Melbourne Water Business 2006).

Why aren't these figures a prominent part of the public debate ???

This information is crucial for identifying the relative importance of and limits to water saving in various areas.
More data that the Victorian Government does not want you to see:
  • What savings have been achieved over the last decade in the huge volumes of water used for irrigation which dwarf all other uses ?
  • What savings have been achieved over the last decade by industry ?
  • What is the breakdown of consumption over the last 10 years of industrial consumption e.g. types of urban and rural use, including huge users like power generators ?
All the above data seems to be missing from the government websites and the public debate.

What Proportion of water is used for various purposes in a residential home ?

Source: Riverina Water County Council

Is this correct for Melbourne ? Why is there no available data on this issue on Government or Melbourne Water sites ?

Stephen Digby

Useful References:
ABS Water Account Australia 2004-5
Water Consumption in the Home
Melbourne Catchments
Our water Our Future
Melbourne Water Consumption

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