Parallelogram: A Free Communications Network

JuLiar Gillard announced yesterday that the fully owned government telecommunications corporation, TellOz, had completed its survey of essential national communications needs, and was withdrawing from a number of areas where a genuine competitive market operated.
At the end of the 20th century, the Australian government had defied the international trend of selling off essential services.  The now discredited corporate culture that was encouraging this trend was later revealed to value nothing beyond executive bonuses.
Instead, the Australian government maintained an investment in a nationally owned core communications infrastructure which now provides a level playing field for a huge range of public and commercial information and communication services.
The government resisted the monopolistic temptation to restrict other companies use of the previous private investments in older technologies.  It continualy reviewed the "core" so that it did not take over thewhole "apple" of communications.  JuLiar stated "This government will never be in the business of restricting creative use of any communication technologies.  In fact, governments should not be 'in business' at all.  We seek only to ensure a baseline of high quality infrastructure is available for all Australians in a very restricted set of essential services. Whenever, a free market shows itself capable of meeting these needs. Government should withdraw."

You wish......

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