I strongly support Google's projects to digitise the worlds books.   This project has been opposed by publishers basically because it "disintermediates" them i.e. makes many of their services redundant.  It has the capacity to assist most authors by giving them cheap and permanent (?) access to a world audience through being searchable.

There are so many individuals and groups that record detailed and fascinating local and individual histories that are published once in small numbers and then the research is lost after a mere decade as the published works disappear from everyone's access except perhaps the dedicated professional historian.

Google books and other systems like lulu allow these small groups to publish permanently and have their content searchable either free or for purchase.  

In many cases, groups publish a few hundred copies initially and then, when these are sold, put their books online for digital viewing on google as well as paper sales through lulu.

If you have such a group or need, I might be interested in helping - free, depending on availability and the nearness of your topic to my heart !

A sample of past publications:

Read the complete work
published on Google Books:
The Currency Lad
Purchase hardcopy at Lulu:
The Currency Lad

Read the complete work
published on Google Books: 

Glenferrie Hill Recreation Club - A Memoir 

Read the complete work
published on Google Books:
A History of the Kew RSL
Purchase hardcopy at Lulu:
A History of Kew RSL
Other Digital Publishing through www.digbys.com...

at Lulu:

at Google Books:

  • Frend and Flier
  • What Society Does to Girls
  • Heartache of Motherhood
  • How to Play Solo
  • Daughter to Bligh
  • A Life of Books
  • Cranky, the Baby Australian Camel
  • The Barber Family Chronicle
  • The Book of Spells and Misspells
  • Glenferrie Hill Recreation Club
  • TATSLINA - the Gipsy Princess
  • The Currency Lad
  • Psychology for Teenagers
  • The Children's Party and Games Book
  • A History of Kew RSL
  • A Memoir
  • A Tunnel Into Uluru
  • Freedom for Priscilla


  1. Projects@Unarr8.comNovember 11, 2022

    I wish to publish parts of Arthur Mee's Children's encyclopedia on on a regular basis. We have a 10 (or 12 volume) ediditin purchased in 1971 by my late Dad and it was the best education we had - my siblings and I. Only years later did I realized it contained subtle racism, but that was quickly forgiven.
    I'd like help with copyright information.

  2. I believe that the encyclopedia is out of copyright so you are free to publish excerpts or the lot....


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