Covid19 Pandemic - Australian Government Contact Tracking Phone App - Balancing privacy and precedent against safety

Balance the benefit (lower cost and potentially faster contact tracking) against the negatives (normalizing China style citizen tracking; potential data retention, potential data repurposing).
On balance, as manual contact tracking will still be necessary, and our infection rate is so low with less invasive techniques, I am not going to join.
If the infection rate looked like reaching Spanish levels, then all citizen rights are up for grabs and I could probably support mandatory use of such an app.

"When these Bluetooth chips do pass in the night, you should expect a large number of false positives.

If I am in the wide open, my Bluetooth and your Bluetooth might ping each other even if you’re much more than six feet away,” Mostashari said. “You could be through the wall from me in an apartment, and it could ping that we’re having a proximity event. You could be a on a different floor of the building and it could ping. You could be biking by me in the open air and it could ping.”

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