"The Voice" is not going to fix Alice Springs

Mundine highlights the fact that “support”, in the absence of guidance, in remote communities for so many decades has CAUSED dependency, and the increase in frequency and seriousness of violence and crime.  

Changing the constitution to mandate “The Voice” will just add another layer of careerists who will feed a culture of complaint already spreading in this country.  "The Voice" will encourage aboriginals to consider themselves as perpetual victims dependent on special treatment and not responsible for their own future.  This is the point that Mundine trys to highlight in excerpts from his own life.

To fight racism, it proposes to entrench additional racism into the constitution. In 1967, the racist reference to aboriginals was removed, but the ability to discriminate in favour of one race and against another was dangerously retained. 

If “The Voice” is passed, discussion of every topic that comes before parliament for the indefinite future will be subject to scrutiny and recommendation by the growing number of people who "identify" as aboriginal.  A process of racial certification will have to be implemented to identify those with the privilege of voting for "The Voice" representatives. 

The constitution should guide us towards a better future where racial, religious and other differences are celebrated, but where these attributes have no effect on life opportunities or freedoms or rights.

The proponents of “The Voice” cannot imagine any future Australia in which people will participate in Australian politics and be judged by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin.  They envisage a world where certified aboriginals are perpetually considered the victims of racism, and so must be perpetually compensated for this with special privileges. 

Our constitution should strive to create government for our collective good.  It should be based on principles well known and widely supported such as maximising freedom of action, equal opportunity for all, one vote, one value, and equality under the law and prohibition of discrimination on the basis of protected attributes.

"The Voice" is a dangerous and racist distraction that runs directly counter to many of these values.

We should be guiding and assisting all, including aboriginals, towards productive and healthy participation in Australian communities .... such as Alice Springs.